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  • Line/Connector Sensor

    Allows utilities to monitor their overhead transmission lines to maximize their capacity and prevent clearance violations

  • Remote I/O

    Allows utilities to wirelessly connect diverse equipment into a central data system, eliminating the need for wiring and reducing cost

  • Base Station

    The central receiving unit for all devices in the field, it collects and buffers data for transmission to a central data processing system

  • Weather Node

    Collects weather information to better understand the operating environment of your assets

  • Leakage Current Sensor

    Continuously monitors insulators and bushings for contamination buildup to prevent flashovers and reduce maintenance cost

  • Southwire Information Management System

    Continuously monitors field devices, stores and processes data and provides for display and analytics in either a Southwire hosted system or integrated into your control system

The utility industry is facing unprecedented change

From harsher weather to serious security threats; an aging workforce to new technology; tighter regulations to integration of distributed energy resources. There's definitely no shortage of things to keep you up at night. But Southwire is working to help you not only adapt to these changes, but improve your operations in the face of them.

With help from utilities and industry-leading subject matter experts, we can deliver a comprehensive ecosystem of products and services designed to help you channel disruptive change into a source of innovation across your organization.


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IEEE PES Substation Committee
May 22-26 2016
Atlanta, GA


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