Assisting those affected by substance use disorder, experiencing a crisis, or in need of support

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Welcome to Headrest, a nonprofit organization that began at Dartmouth College in 1971 and is now located in Lebanon, NH. Headrest provides the only 24-hour crisis hotline for New Hampshire, Vermont, and parts of Maine, and it has logged over 408,000 hours of continuous service to the Upper Valley and beyond. In 2016, the Crisis Hotline fielded 6,717 calls, 65% from New Hampshire, 25 % from Vermont and 10 % from other states. Headrest has logged over 405,000 hours with 16,890 days of continuous service.Headrest also provides addiction-recovery services to those who have no other resources, no insurance, and no access to health care.

How Headrest helps

Sometimes we lose track of our lives. They suddenly aren’t where we thought they’d be, and we don’t know how to get back on track. At Headrest, we help with some of those tough, very real issues. In addition to our 24-hour crisis hotline that responds yearly to 10,000 calls from Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine, we offer addiction recovery services regardless of any client’s ability to pay. Headrest’s mission is to help those with limited income, so that no person is turned away; no person is alone.

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Who we help

Who we help

A recent note from a past client and now donor: "I am happy to contribute $400 to your effort. I was once a troubled kid who kept bumping up against the police and other forces that be in the Lebanon/West Leb/Hanover area. I wasn't a bad person but I was doing some bad things-- and suffering from forces far larger than I could have understood at the time. It would take me a couple of decades to start to figure out that I needed some help from organizations that advance the type of support that you folks offer the community...


How you can help

How you can help

Headrest depends upon donations to support the crisis hotline and client services not funded by other sources. We are extremely grateful to the folks who donate to our Annual Appeal at the end of each year.
We plan one major event each year: the Rail Trail Ramble on Labor Day. We are very appreciative of the support we get for these events from local sponsors and participants. See link below for more info.